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Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

HR Manager

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2023 will be just a few days away, and we can't wait. We’ve many exciting plans and ideas to enter the new year with excitement, but before we talk about goals and news, we would first need to summarize what we have almost behind us, right? 

So what was 2022 like for us?

In many ways, it was a unique year different from the previous ones. On the one hand, it was a challenging year, if only because of the political/economic situation in Europe and the world. On the other hand, many exciting things happened in Mobile Reality that made us happy. We should also discuss difficult times in this summary, but we decided to focus only on the good stuff. So what was good for us in 2022?

Work, projects, and more work and projects

Work is only sometimes associated with something good and pleasant. Still, there would be no Mobile Reality if there were no work and services we offer. We’re constantly implementing many projects for our clients from around the world, and we are preparing more and more work for 2023, but what we have achieved in 2022 is our NFT Reality product. What is NFT Reality? It is the world's first employee benefits program based on NFT/Blockchain. We are incredibly proud that thanks to the work of our entire team, we’ve managed to create such a product, which is now at the demo stage with customers. We hope the whole world will soon hear about it but have you already seen our YouTube channel, where we explain what NFT Reality is and how it works? If you haven't seen it yet, go to our channel, click [subscribe] and stay up to date on our product development.


We've talked about it many times before, but we have our open-source library: React Native Select Pro, on which we managed to get over 100 stars in 2022. Much, not enough? It means a lot to us, and we’re incredibly proud of our team that got involved in this project. Come here and create it with us if you haven't seen our library.

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We educate ourselves. 

A lot was going on in 2022 when it came to the development of our team. First, we can boast that we have become a bronze sponsor of All our backend developers work in this framework, so we wanted to impact the direction in which it will develop. It’s great to be among such a large group of IT companies that together create the future, and we’re waiting for many more exciting initiatives.

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What about certification? The Mobile Reality team is one of the most ambitious teams in the world, which is why now and then, someone gets a certificate in their area. One such person is our Backend Tech Lead, Mateusz Tkacz, who received the Node.js Services Developer certificate from the OpenJS Foundation. Now we are waiting for three other people who are also doing the same course. We will brag about it on our social media as soon as they receive the certificates, so stay tuned for news.

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We collaborate with others in the IT industry.

If we want to achieve more, we must meet new people, especially those from the industry, so in 2022 we also focused on networking and establishing exciting business relationships. Where were we, and what were we doing?

In May, our Frontend Developers Krzysiek and Irek attended Code Europe 2022 in Warsaw. They had the opportunity to listen to many interesting lectures from people from the IT industry and meet their colleagues. Will we come next year? We hope so! Of course, if the conference level is as great as this year.

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In 2022, we were in the USA twice on business. The first reason we went to the USA was the #SXSW conference in Austin (Texas), after which we decided to visit one of our clients. The second reason and therefore an opportunity to travel was a trip to New York, where we saw our old and new clients and planned new business activities.

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What about Poland? There is also a lot going on in Poland. Our COO, Marcin Sadowski, participated in a meeting organized by Catch the Tornado Dots, where he had the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with other local IT entrepreneurs. Our local entrepreneurs are perhaps the most creative in the world, so it's great to meet and talk to someone who thinks likewise.

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In addition, our COO Marcin gave a speech at the Youth Future Conference on the topic of NFT - do we have a new ownership definition in the digital world, where he met with young people and told them about NFT from the perspective of the company that deals with it daily. Participation in discussion panels was also enjoyable, where we could exchange opinions on: How high school students should prepare themselves for the new world of emerging technologies? If you weren't there and would like to see a replay, you can do so here.

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There is also time to have fun.

We all know well that we don’t live only for work, so we meet regularly. In Mobile Reality, we work remotely daily, so we usually see each other via video call. Still, we met a few times this year for longer meetings, including one 3-day conference near Warsaw. We have already written about it on our social media, but each session is an opportunity to get to know each other better and spend time together. Of course, not everyone always manages to come, but it's great that most people always show up at our meetings. Unfortunately, we are not planning any more live meetings in 2022, but in March 2023, we have another Mobile Reality birthday so we will arrange something great again.

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Another form of engagement, this time remote, is #MRCoffee, which we started in October. What is it all about? This remote team integration option (using the Slack add-on) allows us to randomly create call groups every three weeks to discuss any topic, spend some time together, and have it settled as working time. A simple solution, and how effective!

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Our team is growing.

We close the year with the feeling that our team is growing year by year. Unfortunately, we didn’t enlarge the team by as many people as we had planned at the beginning of the year. We also ended cooperation with a few people, but the employment is improving. In 2022, we hired some great people who developed our company even more, so all we can do is wish that 2023 will allow us to attract such great people to the company. If you want to apply to us and create a great team, click here:

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Due to the small organization of our company, many people from our group have decided to move to other locations. And so only in 2022, #MRTeam lived in Mexico, Mauritius, the Canary Islands, and many other places. Remote work allows you to work from anywhere worldwide, so why not use it? For example, our Content Specialist Stanislav moved ultimately to Canada, so we are waiting for an invitation and doing the next company event there.

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We are changing

In our social media, we regularly emphasize that we’re working on making the website better. Now, after many months, we can proudly show you a completely new cover with a unique design. We thank the entire team that worked on it. You are awesome!

Have you visited our website? No? There’s no time to lose!

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We create new things.

In 2022 we launched our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here: In the newsletter, we describe our everyday life, show our team's life, and show how to run a software house from the back. There is no better source of knowledge and information than our newsletter - I promise!

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You're probably reading this article on our blog, but if you still need to read the other pieces, catch up. Undoubtedly, #MRBlog is where you will find a lot of professional knowledge, and it’s worth staying up to date with it. I don't think many market companies are as dedicated to running a blog and publishing as valuable information on it as Mobile Reality does.

We published our culture book at the beginning of the year, and so much has happened in 12 months that we have to update it again. However, if you want to catch up and read the current version, click here. The Culture Book allows you to get to know our team better and see if we fit together ;)

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We compete

In #MRTeam, we sometimes compete, but only in fun, never seriously. In 2022, we had another sports competition, in which I took 2nd place (unfortunately not first ;)) and several challenges, such as #InternatinalPizzaDay. The fighting spirit in our team never dies, everyone fights to the end, but the essential thing in all this is always having fun.

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As you can see, despite many difficulties and problems, 2022 was another successful year for us. We know that our company's success is possible thanks to our employees' hard work and commitment, so we would like to thank everyone from the team! We are happy to have such a great team with which we can conquer the world and enter 2023.

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