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8 Frequently Asked Questions During Our Developer Interviews in Mobile Reality (2022 updated)

Recruiting a technical specialist is something like a literary. Even a high-quality prescreen and an hourly CBI don’t guarantee a good result for the hiring manager. Also, we all know that these interviews are a big stress and part of work not just for the HR department, but also for the person that asks for work. For our hiring manager, the main difficulty lies not only in accessing competencies but also in predicting the candidate’s behavior in the future. The candidate doesn’t apply only for work when his candidature is approved - he becomes a part of our big #MRTeam family. Our HR Specialist Aneta has written before about why Mobile Reality is a great place to work. And that’s the main reason why in Mobile Reality our recruitment process is not a big secret or something inconceivable. In this article, we tell you 8 common questions about our developer interviews. We hope that you’ll find it helpful. 

First of all, we start with a short telephone conversation. We will ask you about basic organizational matters: contract, expectations, availability. Also, we will tell you about our #MRteam, the technologies we work with, also about our clients, and the projects we do for them. 

In Stage 1 of our recruiting process, we have a technical verification of a candidate, we give a task for 0.5 h and our Tech lead asks the candidate some technical questions about the technology he has to know. At the end of the conversation, we send a short task for implementation. If the task and the technical conversation are at an acceptable level, we go - next to Stage 2. If technical verification of the candidate isn’t acceptable for us, we send him feedback by email in which we describe in detail the scoring and evaluation of the task.

There are some questions topics in Stage 1 of our process: questions about the framework: e.g. why someone chose such a framework, what do they like about it and what they don't, questions strictly related to the given technology. 

Stage 2 in the Mobile Reality recruitment process is an interview. We talk with the candidate and tell him about our company, what working with us looks like, and the benefits our #MRTeam members get. This interview is also a kind of candidate’s English level verification. Also at the end of the interview, we ask you some questions about your satisfactory experience, expectations, projects, etc.

There are some questions on Stage 2 of our process: The project the candidate is most proud of, the project that was the most difficult or the most developing for you. Also, we can ask a question about previous work: who the candidate has worked with so far, how diverse the team was, what stack he worked on / the team worked on.

And at the final stage of our recruitment process, we make a decision about a candidate and if it’s a positive one then we make an offer and sign an agreement and act with you.

For now, that’s all we can tell you about our process. If you want to know more you can apply for any open positions and get more information on our recruiting process. If you're interested in applying for a developer position and would like to see what it's like to work at Mobile Reality, check out our career page, and if you have any questions email us at: hr@mobilereality.pl.

Matt Sadowski / CEO of Mobile Reality
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