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Are candidate experience and customer service the same?

You've probably heard of such terms as customer service and candidate experience many times. You surely know to some extent what both processes are related to. Have you ever wondered how much the two issues are similar to each other?

If we delved into the entire customer service and candidate experience process, it would be obvious that each of them has its own rules, and that each participant in these processes has different needs and goals. However, if we look at the most crucial elements in both processes, it turns out that they are almost the same. 

So what makes candidate experience and customer service similar?

1. Communication

In both cases, communication and its appropriate quality are essential, if not the most important. Why? Because with good communication, both sides will understand each other's needs well and avoid any misunderstandings. The better the quality of communication at each stage of the arrangements, the greater the satisfaction of both parties with the cooperation.

2. Meetings

Meetings are something that is standard both in the sales process and in recruitment. You meet face2face/online at least once with both the client and the candidate. Meetings between the parties are a great opportunity to show the company from the best possible side, present your professionalism, build a relationship and, above all, agree on the principles of cooperation. Remember that at the meeting stage you sell yourself, your company, and your vision, so be always prepared for the meetings as well as possible.

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3. Customization of the terms of cooperation

Both in the case of sales and recruitment, the result of all arrangements is the preparation of an offer and a cooperation agreement. It’s obvious that after analyzing the needs and expectations of the other party, you’ll want to adjust your offer as well as possible. For the clients, you will prepare an offer that will meet their expectations and at the same time protect your interests. In the case of a candidate for a job, you’ll respond to their expectations, and at the same time, you will make sure what opportunities your company has. Suppose the client/candidate has clearly defined expectations regarding the beginning of cooperation. In that case, you will also most likely do everything in your power to adapt to the expectations of each party.

4. Onboarding

I have already mentioned onboarding above when customizing the terms of cooperation, but what’s the difference between client onboarding and onboarding a new employee? In both situations, how you organize and arrange this process will impact further cooperation and satisfaction. It’s extremely important for both the client and the employee to know from the very beginning what will happen at each stage, what they should give from themselves, and what the effects of the work will be. Try to improve and automate onboarding for both processes, which will make your processes effective and successful.

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5. Branding

Both the client and the job applicant see the image of your brand that you have created, e.g., on the Internet, and on this basis, they decide whether they will buy your services or send you their CV. Is your branding consistent? Are you clearly communicating your values? Is your branding adjusted to what candidates/clients you want to attract to you? Check how others see you, because thanks to it, you’ll attract the best clients and candidates who will be matched your values.

6.  CRM

Each process requires building and updating the database. This is what CRM systems are most often used for, but in order to fulfill their purpose, it’s necessary to ensure that the information is up-to-date. You may think that this is an unnecessary activity, but when you return to talking to the client/candidate after 2 years, you will be surprised how much refreshing your notes from previous meetings helped you.

7. Feedback

It’s obvious that when a client or candidate resigns from cooperation, you want to know the reasons for this, but when you make this decision, whether in the sales or recruitment process - do you provide appropriate and valuable feedback to the other party? Will the feedback answer all potential questions for this person? Make sure that your feedback is the best and most extensive possible, and expect the same from others. Show your respect and expect the same.

8. Being in touch

Customer service thinks a lot about relationships and keeping in touch with customers, and what does it look like in recruitment? It's usually exactly the same. If you don't hire someone at this point, you may come back to the arrangement at a later time. This time can be up to 5 years, so ensure that both clients and candidates are up-to-date with what is happening to you and that you build permanent relationships with clients. Follow each other on social media, and give yourself a chance to cooperate in the future, which may be much better than what was supposed to be now. Remember also that your candidate may be your client someday, and the client your candidate, so always treat everyone the same and the best you can.

I hope that the above elements clearly showed that the recruitment and sales processes are very similar to each other, and these elements are universal for both processes. Refine each of the above-mentioned aspects, and you will never have problems again, neither in sales nor in recruitment.

Matt Sadowski / CEO of Mobile Reality
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