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Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

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So far, the IT industry has been considered the most stable and secure in the economy. Many people did everything to get into this industry due to high earnings, stability, development, and exciting projects. However, 2022 has shown that even the most stable branches of the economy can have problems, and situations such as suspension of projects, redundancies, and financial issues can also arise. IT affected it too. It's all that no one has been mainly prepared for since 2008. So what are the predictions for 2023?

2023 will be different from 2022 and all the years before it. The entire economy must prepare for the fact that anything can happen. We could predict what will happen in the coming months, but it could be difficult and pointless in such dynamically changing times. But what can I do now as the author of this article? I suggest what you can do to develop yourself and your team even more in 2023 and make sure that any problematic situations will never impact your business again.

What can you do now?

Take care of the cash flow in the company.

Nowadays, you can't afford to have your funds locked up somewhere for an extended period. Build your savings based on cash flow, which will protect your business against complex events on the market. Nothing terrible will happen, so you will have additional funds to develop the company and build new competencies for your team.

Plan your employees working hours in advance.

If you can plan your employees' working time, it will be easier to verify which project requires more involvement and which less. Someone on your team only has a half-time job and could be involved in a new project or some process improvement activities in the company. Check how it is with you, make the right decisions, and use your time effectively.

Stay updated.

To be able to react to upcoming situations, you need to know that they are coming at all. And to be able to realize it, try to keep up with what's going on in the world. Check the current political and economic situation, find out about the latest technological trends, check innovations, and what's up with your competition. The more you know, the faster and better you can react to any problems.

Meet new people.

No matter your position and what you do, it is always worth meeting people and building your network of contacts. A strong network can be beneficial in times of crisis because you have the support of people who can share their experiences and contact other willing people. And most of all, to help you. In addition, to support, a strong network of contacts may also mean new business projects, so be open to meeting new people because you never know when your contacts will turn into something good.

Learn and grow.

In addition to the fact that it is worth being up-to-date with what is happening in the world, it is also worth constantly developing your skillset and learning about new technologies. Check what is happening on the market and which framework or technology has a new version. Refresh your knowledge, learn, and stand out with a unique skill set, thanks to which you and your team will stand out on the market.

Be flexible.

Our plans and visions are only sometimes with us forever. The market is constantly changing, so be ready for changes in your work, company, and team. Referring to the point above, if you and your team develop all the time, you will become flexible, and thus you will become immune to any market turbulence.

Be positive.

Whatever happens, if you stay positive, you can handle it. Even in the most challenging moments, allow yourself to be happy. After all, you are prepared, you have everything planned, you have savings, and your team develops and acquires new skills. It will be fine - I promise.

A lot can happen in 2023, but if you implement everything mentioned above, you will consider it one of the best years for you and your team next year. It may not be easy, but remember that by focusing energy and time on development and good things, there will always be success.

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