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Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

HR Manager

Mobile Reality supports Ukraine

A week ago, the world looked completely different. We didn't expect something that will change the history of Europe. Tragedy in Ukraine caused the life of all, including the IT industry, which was even resistant to the Coronavirus situation. Why are we talking about IT? We are Software House, we work globally and Ukrainians are also a part of our #MRTeam family. All of them left their families and friends at home.. For this reason, this situation is tragic for us too..

How do we help and what will we do next?

  • all our employees, also those from Ukraine, know that in every situation they can count on #MobileReality. If anyone needs any help will receive it from the entire team regardless of the circumstances,

  • we spent the whole last weekend getting involved in fundraising for refugees from Ukraine. We have made and donated the most necessary purchases to many organizations, we supported several fundraisers, including those related to saving animals, e.g.www.ratujemyzwierzaki.pl,

Supporting the animals of Ukraine

  • we are trying to join the Tech To The Rescue non-profit initiative and the Tech For Ukraine project. We believe that by engaging in such projects, we’ll help all people in Ukraine in the area of our company's specialization,

  • we’ve been working remotely since 2020, so our employees can be anywhere in the world. We don’t expect them to be in a specific place, so if they feel safe in a different place/country than they’re at the moment, we give them space for relocation, which doesn’t affect our cooperation,

  • we’ve started implementing the Mindy app in the team, that supporting the mental health of our employees, especially now when they feel overwhelmed, fearful or insecure about the current situation in Ukraine.

Mobile Reality and the entire #MRTeam fully support Ukraine and we will support it as long as it’s needed. We strongly believe that everything will soon turn out to be fine, but we are also aware that only our real actions will have an impact on the future of the whole of Europe and its safety. Slava Ukraini!

Matt Sadowski / CEO of Mobile Reality
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