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PropTech is one of the fastest trends that grows in the field of housing protection. We are talking about shifting preferences from owning real estate to renting, which puts the demand for rented properties above buying. This trend contributes to the rapid development of the rental facilities and increase in the number of development companies.

    Prop Tech Real Estate

    Growing consumer demand for technology. Modern consumers want to have a user experience that they can control in terms of placement. They need to control access, temperature, lighting and more using convenient digital channels such as mobile phones. Protech can provide such a digital experience.

      Growing Consumer

      What are the pros of the real estate software development?

      Development of a successful web or mobile applications for real estate is always based on the needs of the customer.

      • Market monitoringStay up-to-date with all the market changes, new investments, increased interest and price fluctuations.
      • Immersive experienceOffer your customers interactive journey around the property they want.
      • On-line managementSave time with convenience, contactless check-in, guest management and smart home systems.
      • SecurityGet information about possible fraudulent transactions, manage your safety systems, get security notifications.
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      • UsabilityUser-centered, intuitive design gives you and your customers unique experience within the app.
      • AutomationCreate automated reports, dashboards and workflows. Save your time and focus on improvements.
      • Real-time updatesKeep your tenants up-to-date by sending important maintenance updates within the app.
      • SupportHave an access to on-line and off-line, real-time user support system.
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