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Banks, insurers, and other financial companies can no longer afford to have no consistent digital journey. Their customers are expecting complex and highly personalized products, but also a frictionless experience – just as they would in any other industry. Fintechs are quickly taking the field where incumbents have been failing. Using emerging technology, they deliver customer-centric products and find new efficiencies.

We create a scalable fintech platforms based on available technologies and R&D activities tailored exclusively for your business goals. We cover the backend, frontend, mobile side of your system using the most innovative tech stacks. We always choose the best frameworks possible to meet your business goals and satisfy your users’ expectations. We’ve worked with Node.js, Terraform and Amazon Web Services on the backend and cloud and we’ve leveraged React.JS, Vue.JS and React Native, Android, and iOS on the frontend and mobile. We have years of experience in these technologies. Depending on the scope of the project, features, expected traffic, and time and budget, we individually choose the optimal options for your project. Software outsourcing, outsource web application projects to us is always excellent choice. Quality that matters.


Our main focus and area of expertise is to deliver results in extremely efficient and flexible manner. Frameworks we use let us build products fast.


We’ve already done over dozens of projects which makes us reliable experts in project management able to solve potential issues before they even appear.


Your development team can scale up and down according to changing business needs. Agile methodology enable us to flexible adapt the scope of the project to your needs.


All our applications and software are built on modern technology that guarantee your product will be performant and compatible with your clients' devices.

Our realizations


cryptocurrencies fintech bank finances
We have been developing web applications related to the cryptocurrency market for several months . We have been co-creating a front-end application serving the largest crypto market in Poland for a few month - Bitbay. The platform has been migrated to the React.JS technology. We were participating in KYC web module development.

Nomis Solutions

mvp banking fintech web development
Web application developed for the fintech sector - Nomis Solution, Inc. Index Portfolio Impact Modeler™ for Savings allows user to model the impact of any increase in the interest rate environment on his retail savings deposits.

Churn machine learning model

churn machine learning fintech finances payments
Our specialists were providing services to the global payment processing provider. Customer attrition modelling (churn) modelling in finance industry, with data volume of several millions observations. Our experts developed churn model that was be able to fully replace human predictions with the same accuracy.
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