Mobile development:
Build apps with wonderful UX
Mobile development process at Mobile Reality is based on battle-tested technologies.
Mobile development
Mobile developers at Mobile Reality build native apps for iOS and Android devices, translating your ideas into apps useful for you customers. Many years of experience in native technologies and specialization in the React Native cross-platform allow for optimal selection of technologies, cost-effectiveness and implementation of the project in accordance with the assumptions.
We will ask relevant questions to help you verify your idea and adjust it to market needs.
Once you shape the idea, we will help you build a clickable prototype that you can pitch to investors.
We will create beautiful and friendly UI giving your users unique user experiences.
Product Development
Our developers will build the application of your choice using top-notch technologies.
Our experience
CBRE BDC is a mobile application for iOS. Allows you to manage documents and reports created using Tableau Software. It integrates technologies such as ADFS, Sharepoint and Tableau, NodeJS and MongoDB. After the successful realization of the 1st module, Mobile Reality team is implementing next features into the application. We are responsible for all parts of the project: UI, graphic design, back-end development and mobile development.
We are responsible for the continuous development of Mulitsłówka mobile application on the Android platform. We are supporting our client’s efforts in order to provide the best mobile language courses to their users. This application helps thousands of user improve their language skills.
Mobile Reality is responsible for developing the mobile part of the ZONE platform for CBRE company. We are providing them with the React Native development in order to create the mobile application, that is integrating things like document repositories, Tableau Products, Azure B2C authorization, news, groups permissions, personal calendar. We are responsible for the whole process from creating UI, graphics through the development to the maintenance.
Your product
We will create an application for you that will meet your expectations and needs. Don't hesitate to contact us!
We will choose technologies tailored to your needs
BeReady Concierge Service is the application for the people who are looking for having own consultant for their needs. Our team was responsible for the development of the mobile application. The application allows customers to make a conversation with the dedicated consultant, searching,buying products and card payments for the services.
Eurozet Group
We are responsible for continuous development of all mobile applications of the Eurozet Group (Lagardere Active Radio) on the Android platform. Applications like: RadioZET, Antyradio, Mam Zdanie. These are applications with the reach of several hundred thousand of users.
Letempick is a mobile application for conducting surveys and creating communities. User asks community which option is better and other users give their preferences.
DayUp Scanner
Native application developed for one of the most popular brands from food sector in Poland - DayUp. App allows user to scan barcodes, check reliability of groceries and rate products. It is available on Android and iOS.