Business intelligence

We help you get and use key information more efficiently thanks to modern data warehouses.

Main advantages of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Advantages
Significant acceleration of reporting deadlines
Reducing the risk of making erroneous decisions
Monitoring the achievability of set goals
Resource efficiency assessment

Custom solutions for everyone

Our custom development process gives our teams a proven way to deliver it projects within agreed metrics. Both business and technical within predicted budget. Before starting the project, we always organize the project planning session to understand the project’s business requirements and agree on our mutual approach to the project delivery.

    Business Intelligence Solutions

    Mobile Reality company is a valuable partner to work with for any company in search of professionals with vast expertise in the development and will to face new challenges while creating products for their clients.

    Justyna Sznajder

    Product Manager, Benefit Systems S.A.

    What BI solutions give me and my business?


    Power BI makes it easy to access and connect data from multiple sources.


    BI lets you prepare data in the simplest of possible ways.


    Because of BI you can take a closer look at your data and learn from it.


    With BI you can take advantage of hundreds of interactive data visualizations.


    BI data can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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