Mobile development solutions

Reimagining digital mobile solutions for all types of businesses.

React Native

We provide a slick, smooth and responsive rich user interface, while significantly reducing load time, which help to correct faults, as well as to improve performance.


We build the infrastructure of your mobile app by creating business logic and communication via the API.It gives apps flexibility and customization opportunities.


We always check and update your apps so we can be sure that they always running to their best of the abilities and app users are happy, so your business keeps working.

Native Mobile

We deliver mobile apps that are tailored to a specified platform like iOS, or Android. They are effortless blend into their target platform, making it easy to use.

Quality that matters

Competence in React Native doesn't start with code. First of all, it is important to focus on the business idea and requirements.

To choose the right direction of development, we always go deeps in analyzing the details and business needs. This helps to create a product within the set business goals and deadlines.

    Quality That Matters

    Remaining onboard to maintain the solution, Mobile Reality has displayed outstanding management and communication skills. They’re responsive to issues and committed to delivering at the deadline. Customers can expect an honest, passionate partner.

    Andrea López Martin

    Project Manager, CBRE

    Partnership for years

    We carefully select the best solutions for your project based on its extent, features, anticipated traffic, timeframe, and budget.

    We are a Polish software company that produces amazing outcomes. Our developers use capabilities of of React Native to create visual appealing with modern and interactive user interfaces.

      Partnership For Years

      The process of mobile app development

      Take a look on how we approach to the mobile application development.

      • 01


        Together we verify your idea and adjust it to the market needs.

      • 02


        We create an interactive prototype to validate previous assumptions.

      • 03


        Now it’s time to focus on the final looks - UI that gives unique experience.

      • 04


        We harness top-notch technologies to build your mobile application.

      • 05


        Finally - we perform automated and manual testing and fix all the blunders.

      Case studies

      See how we helped our customers by developing cutting-edge mobile apps.

      Break the rules. Do it your way!

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      Matt Sadowski