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We are alliance partner of visual analytics platform Tableau Software.
It allows our customers and partners to analyse their data more effectively by visualising it quickly and easily, identifying new business insights and opportunities.
What is Tableau?
Tableau is a global leader in visual analytics and is used to deliver business value by major companies such as Netflix, Lufthansa and Jaguar Land Rover.
The key advantages of Tableau’s analytics platform are that it enables people to quickly see and understand large and diverse data sets, as well as go deeper to analyse and share insights that impact business decisions.
Why is Tableau an excellent solution for your company?
Proper data analytics solutions help businesses to produce insights more easily and therefore to improve their products or services and to measure company’s performance. As Tableau consultants and alliance partner we are able to offer advanced data analytics solutions to our partners and customers.
As a Tableau specialists we provide
We offer Tableau trainings for present and future Tableau users.
We help clients learn Tableau and implement a new approach to work with data offered by this technology.
We offer data modeling for Tableau import.
We design dashboards, reports and visualizations.
We provide maintenance services for the Tableau system (remotely / online or at the customer's premises).
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Tableau remains the next year
a leader in the Business Intelligence market.
Tableau is the best in the world (according to Gartner Group reports)
Business Intelligence / Data Discovery software.
Tableau has been recognized as the "best-performing" solution on the market since 2014
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Interactive manager's dashboard
The manager's dashboard is the fastest way to create data visualization that is user-friendly - interactive and readable.
Thanks to this type of presentation, you will be able to predict the course of events in your company.
Check if you would like to work with data in this way.
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Andrzej Gut, Big data specialist