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Technical Due Diligence

The scope of technical analysis carried out by a team of Mobile Reality experts

  • 1

    Control and audit of the technical documentation of the system, including:

    • Descriptions of the most important business processes and the technical concept of their implementation
    • A list of all system functionalities
    • Description of the database structure
    • Database schema
    • System infrastructure diagram
    And other documents showing the technical condition of the current system. Assessment of compliance of the documentation with the actual state.
  • 2

    Evaluation of system integration with external systems and assessment of their impact on system operation

    • 3

      Control of the implementation and management process over the system, including:

      • Process control from business concept to implementation into production
      • Software development process control by the current team
    • 4

      QA process control, including:

      • QA documentation control
      • QA process analysis
      • Automation level of QA processes
    • 5

      Checking and completing technical maintenance documentation, such as reports on system failures, library updates, security audits, documentation on consumed cloud-server resources

      • 6

        Security review:

        • User roles and permissions review - checking if a specific user role has a proper permissions to take specific action and if he has access to the proper parts of the system, system access levels
        • Dependencies, packages security check
        • Evaluation of the current security system situation like code base security, API security, database access
      • 7

        Evaluation of accessibility for the people with disabilities

        • 8

          Possible SEO improvements recommendations based on automated tools and crawlers reports

          • 9

            Recommendations regarding identified technical risks for the buyer of the IT system

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            Audit of the programming and maintenance process, which includes the assessment of the state of the IT system, taking into account both its technical quality and functionality.
            Mobile Reality as a highly specialized team in JavaScript frameworks can offer the technical due diligence support related to the products built on the following technologies: React.JS, Node.JS, React Native, Vue.JS, Amazon Web Services, Tableau, R.
            Each point above is a high-level description of all possible steps that might be taken to proceed with the technical due diligence process. Depends on the system and its functionalities the technical due diligence can be customized accordingly.