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Advantages of machine learning

The advantages of machine learning are relevant for both business owners and their customers.

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Business benefits

Companies use Data Science regardless of the size of the business, statistics from Kaggle (a professional social network of data specialists) show. And according to IDC and Hitachi calculations, 78% of enterprises confirm that the amount of information analysed and used has increased significantly recently. Here are just a few examples of industries that use Data Science to solve their problems:
Online trading and entertainment services
Recommendation systems for users
Health care
Disease prediction and recommendations for maintaining health
Planning and optimization of delivery routes
Digital advertising
Automated content placement and targeting
Scoring, fraud detection and prevention
Predictive analytics for repair and production planning
Real estate
Search and offer of the most suitable objects to the buyer
Public administration
Forecasting employment and economic situation, fighting crime
Selection of promising players and development of game strategies

And this is just the shortest and most superficial list of Data Science usage. The number of different cases using "data science" increases exponentially every year.

R Use Cases in IT Sector

Microsoft uses R as a statistical engine within the Azure Machine Learning framework. They also use it for the Xbox matchmaking service.
R works behind-the-scenes on Foursquare’s recommendation engine.
Mozilla uses R to visualise web activity for their browser firefox.
Google uses R to improve its search results, to provide better search suggestions, to calculate the ROI of their advertising campaigns, to increase the efficiency of online advertising and to predict their economic activity.

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