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Web Development in Mobile Reality is based on modern technologies and innovative solutions tested on hundreds of projects.
WEB development
We create beautiful, fast and secure web applications tailored exclusively for your business goals. We cover the backend and frontend of your application using the most innovative tech stacks. We always choose the best frameworks possible to meet your business goals and satisfy your users’ expectations. We’ve worked with Node.js and Amazon Web Services on the backend and we’ve leveraged React.JS on the frontend. We have years of experience in these technologies. Depending on the scope of the project, features, expected traffic, and time and budget, we individually choose the optimal options for your project.
Our main focus and area of expertise is to deliver results in extremely efficient and flexible manner. Frameworks we use let us build products fast.
We’ve already done over dozens of projects which makes us reliable experts in project management able to solve potential issues before they even appear.
Your development team can scale up and down according to changing business needs. Agile methodology enable us to felxible adapt the scope of the project to your needs.
All our applications and software are built on modern technology that guarantee your product will be performant and compatible with your clients' devices.
Our experience

BeReady Concierge Service is the application for the people who are looking for having own consultant for their needs. Our team was responsible for the creation of the system which would help offering concierge services. We have built chat panel to handle conversation between customers and consultants, the management system of workers, clients, packages and products.


We have been developing web applications related to the cryptocurrency market for several months . We have been co-creating a front-end application serving the largest crypto market in Poland for a few month - Bitbay. The platform is migrating to the new React.JS technology.

Nomis Index

Web application developed for the fintech sector - Nomis Solution, Inc. Index Portfolio Impact Modeler™ for Savings allows user to model the impact of any increase in the interest rate environment on his retail savings deposits.


Web Map Service application updated for Cenatorium company. We were responsible for expanding the range of application functionalities and designing new graphic layout for the application.

Your product
We will create an application for you that will meet your expectations and needs. Don't hesitate to contact us!
We will choose technologies tailored to your needs

Web application, that allows users to rent and offer real-estates for rent. The application is similar to Airbnb. As a Mobile Reality Company, we were responsible for front-end and back-end development in this project. All search-engine algorithms, reservations functionalities, and custom calendar are our work.

Creative Brains

We are part of one of polish premiere technology popularization associations Creative Brains. Best known as organizer of Mobile Robotic Tournament "Robomaticon", we support also various other initiatives. Check our website, which we created.


MeetOnFit is a social sport application, which main aim is to connect players and coaches. Coaches are able to find customers for their services, and players have opportunity to order diets or training plans.


Website represents the long-standing company that distributes meat products. Multilanguage page shows whole company's product range.

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